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Physical un-fitness linked with depression, anxiety in middle-aged women

(Reuters Health) – Mid-life women with weak upper and lower body fitness may be more prone to depression and anxiety, a study from Singapore suggests. In particular, poor handgrip strength and needing a long time to stand from a chair were associated with higher depression or anxiety symptoms, the study authors reported in the journal… Read More »

Premenstrual Worsening of Symptoms in Women with Psychotic Disorders

Clinically we see that many women with major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder experience worsening of their symptoms prior to the onset of menses. We have less data on the impact of menstrual cycle on psychotic disorders.   In a recent study, researchers analyzed a total of 19 published studies  examining the impact of the… Read More »

Pregnant women urged to stop vaping

Pregnant women are being urged to avoid e-cigarettes and vapes due to a lack of evidence about their safety. E-cigarette researcher Associate Professor Alexander Larcombe says many people believe vaping or smoking e-cigarettes is safer than tobacco smoking during pregnancy. “It is completely unfounded and almost certainly not true,” Dr Larcombe said. “Women and babies… Read More »