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WATCH: Angela Merkel spotted shaking for second time

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was filmed shaking uncontrollably for the second time in just as many weeks, leading to questions about her health. Earlier this month, Merkel, 64, was caught on camera trembling while standing outside with the Ukrainian president. She blamed the shaking at the time on dehydration, although others speculated that it could… Read More »

AI can cut reconstruction time for neutron tomography

A new machine learning method to reconstruct images needed for neutron tomography can speed up the process, making it a more feasible imaging option. Neutron tomography is computed tomography involving the production of three-dimensional images by detecting the absorption of neutrons produced by a neutron source. It’s a non-destructive way to investigate the inner structure… Read More »

We’re Running Out of Time to Reverse Desertification

The Savory Institute documentary “Running Out of Time,” features ecologist and international consultant Allan Savory, who in a 2013 TED Talk discussed how grazing livestock is the solution to our ever-growing climate change problem. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Savory is a passionate conservationist. He founded the Africa Centre for Holistic Management1 (ACHM) in 1992,… Read More »