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We need to talk about men and grief

“In the porch I met my father crying, he had always taken funerals in his stride. And Big Jim Evans saying it was a hard blow.” Jonathan Walters on The Late Late Show Even reading it as Leaving Cert students, we understood the depth of his mourning: the strong man, the Irish country farmer –… Read More »

Seasons of grief

While speaking as a panelist on substance use disorder (SUD), I felt it necessary to remind the audience that addiction is a family disease. While family members may not themselves be tethered to use of a substance, we all share in the anger, guilt, despair, and all too often grief that ripple back and forth… Read More »

Grief linked to sleep disturbances that can be bad for the heart

Recently widowed people more likely to have sleep disruption that exacerbates levels of inflammation and increases heart health risk HOUSTON –  People who have recently lost a spouse are more likely to have sleep disturbances that exacerbate levels of inflammation in the body, according to new research from Rice University and Northwestern University. These elevated… Read More »