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Dr Neil Meulman first surgeon in Australia to use safer breast implant

A local surgeon is championing the use of a new style of breast implant designed to lessen the risk of developing cancer in the immune system. Oncoplastic breast surgeon Dr Neil Meulman has begun recommending nano-textured anatomical implants due to recent studies confirming a link between standard textured implants and anaplastic large-cell lymphoma [ALCL]. Dr… Read More »

This Australian Airline Has Just Introduced The World’s First ‘Zero-Waste Flight’

Anyone who’s been on a plane is well-aware that we could do with a little less plastic. Between the packaging for meals, headphones, blankets, drinks, you name it—one can only imagine how much waste accumulates over the course of the day, weeks, months and years. On a mission to make aviation more sustainable, Australian airline… Read More »