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Type 2 diabetes: Eating this popular vegetable could lower blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes is a condition that involves problems with not getting enough glucose into the cells. Food plays a huge role in a type 2 diabetes and can either help or hinder the condition. Foods with high sugar content, trans-fat, white bread and starchy vegetables, are all classified as the ‘wrong’ type of food… Read More »

Here’s What Happens to Your Body After Eating a Fast Food Burger

No one’s ever claimed that burgers are health food, but even the occasional sandwich could wreak all kinds of havoc on your health. mapkucc/Shutterstock We’ve all been there—there, meaning the drive-thru, with our tummies rumbling. In a weak moment, throwing caution to the pick-up window might not seem like a grave mistake, but the terrible… Read More »

Eating Mediterranean 'won't protect you from Alzheimer's'

Eating Mediterranean may not benefit your brain: Consuming lots of fruit, vegetables and fish ‘won’t protect you from dementia’ Researchers conducted a two decade-long study into diet and dementia  Experts said the research shows eating healthily does not slash the risk  Charities have urged caution against the findings of the French study  By Stephen Matthews… Read More »